JP&C’s secure leasing program is unique in many ways and because we are rental properties owner, we understand the importance of having a good tenant. We rent properties from landlords on long term basis and then sub-let the property to our own fully qualified tenants. We take special pride in our tenant’s verification process, it is lengthy but has kept us in profitable business since 2014. At lease signing, we pay your rent upfront, so you don’t have to worry about you not getting paid on time. We negotiate a reasonable rate with you depending on the length of the lease and in return, assume all the risks and responsibility of owning rental property. Because we are experts in the rental market, we are pretty confident that the annual rental income you actually bank is more than you’d get if you decided to go at it alone or use a traditional service. That’s why many landlords stay with us.

Many rental companies promise landlords guarantee rent and they do not have capital base to support the business model. Our company is able to deliver value to our landlords at all time because we have deep pocket and also have strong financial institutions supporting us. Coupled with this, we have a proven track record and a unique business model that enable zero default and very low void period. We are a team of property management professional and we believe that proper property up-keeping and constant flow of rental income is at the heart of every landlord.

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JP&C pays the entire lease upfront in lump sum, improving the cashflow of the landlord.
JP&C inspection specialist team routinely visit properties to conduct visual inspection to ensure the properties are in good condition at all time. Report of the inspection is provided to the landlord and if there are concerns, they are immediately raised to the landlord.
JP&C performs detail screening on every tenant. The screening process includes, job and salary verification, reference calls, and guarantor's confirmation.
JP&C pays rent upfront in lump sum, so owners are not worried about non payment
JP&C obtains liability converage on every leased property to protect the landlord from any loss to the property caused by our subtenants.
All JP&C subleases follow the traditional yearly lease terms.
If you have a properties and interested in our secured leasing service, submit your property package through our portal at the link below or call us at +234-1-295-6582.

Property packages must include rent roll/lease summary, proforma income & expense statement, asking price, location map, building photograph and detail address.(sample)

We are quick to react and will provide a response within a few days. If you feel there is an exceptional opportunity, call us, and we will give it immediate attention.

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