JP&C's ROT offering provides property owners the faciltity to rehabilitate their properties to the standard of the market, thereby allowing them to realize the full income potential of the properties. Our company is specialized in design, build, finance and operation of infrastructure assets for businesses, organizations and private individuals in the US and Nigeria.

Rehabiltation project financing is typically a hassle in general, particularly private infrastructure projects, especially those intended for rental in most average cities. The majority of the projects are not big enough to benefit from economies of scale associated with mammoth desalination projects, and this makes more undesirable for banks.

That's why our company provides the avenue leveraging JP&C-Owner partnerships to rehabilitate these properties. We offer 3 options for this partnership, which are detailed below. Our partnership could be long-term of short-term contract depending on the clients interest. The client is responsible only for providing the asset. At the end of the contract, the fully rehabilitated property plus the occupant is transferred to the client at no cost.

Through our ROT offering, owners that might have otherwise forgone the possibility of increasing the income they realize from their properties, can now truely realize the full market potential of their properties for years to come.

In particular, for clients that have funds, our ROT eliminates the need for them to use their own money to funds their rehabilitation projects, but use our funds and channel their funds to other pressing projects.

Benefits of using JP&C's ROT offering

  • Use of JP&C's sourced funding eliminates the need for owner to borrow from the bank at very high interest rate or use personal funds that can be channeled to other priority ventures.
  • Ability for project to accelerate the development of the project that would otherwise have taken much longer due to waits and delays with the banking process.
  • Use of JP&C's know-how to reduce cost, shorten schedule and improve operating efficiency.
  • Transfer of risks and burden that would otherwise have to be borne by the owner.
  • Operation responsibility and maintenance transfer to JP&C.
  • Ease of transfer to owner at the end of the contract.

JP&C invests the full amount of the cost of rehabilitation. During the operate phase JP&C takes 100% of the proceeds throughout the contract period to recover its capital investment and the return.

JP&C pays the owner the current rent rate for the period of renovation, typically 3-4 months and once renovation is completed and the engagement moves into Operate phase, JP&C and Owner split the income at 75% for JP&C and 25% for Owner throughout the Operate period.

JP&C leases the property from the Owner for a period at a negotiated rate, pay rent for the term in a lump sum and then renovate the property. During the Operate phase, JPC takes 100% of the proceeds throughout the contract period to recover its capital investment and the return.

If you have a property and interested in any of JP&C ROT offering, please submit a request on our website at the link below or call us at +234-1-295-6582.

We are quick to react and will provide a response within a few days. If you feel there is an exceptional opportunity, call us, and we will give it immediate attention.

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