JP&C Properties is a real estate firm specializing in the acquisition, development and management of high quality real properties. Backed by a deep understanding of the markets, a commitment to quality and a strong track record of success, JP&C is responsible for some of the premier properties in and around the nation.

With office in Lagos and plans to expands to other parts of the country, JP&C Properties enages with other like-mind investors and property owners to deliver a unique real estate solution that delivers value to the surrounding communities. JP&C is focused on maximizing each property’s value while providing the very best living experience for its residents.

Due to the increase of real estate investor's dream been shattered due to lose of income from rental properties, JP&C now provide the first in the nation Rent Shield propgram. This product is designed to ensure that rental properties investor's cash flow is not interrupted by void periods between leases or tenants non-payment. Our coverage is backed by funds in deposit at Zenith bank

Our track record is unparalleled with over 75 properties that we manage including our own developments with 95% or higher occupancy rate. JP&C also has a proven track-record of turning around under-performing properties by successfully increasing both occupancy and rent rates to maximize property’s value.

JP&C's mission is to be the leading choice for capital partners in search of strategic investment opportunities in the nation. In addition to providing exceptional results for JP&C’s investors, the Company is dedicated to transparent business interactions, excellent client relations and an unwavering commitment to integrity.

Our products and services enable real estate industry. Check out our rent shield program.

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